In rehearsal: Tokaido Road

With the premiere of Tokaido Road at this year’s Cheltenham Festival now only thirteen days away – we hope you’re all as excited as we are in following the daily countdown on the right-hand side! – rehearsals are in full swing.

As well as rehearsing on their own instruments, the multi-instrument-juggling members of Okeanos Ensemble are getting to grips with various new instruments which the score is asking them to play – in the first picture below, Bridget gets to grips with the wonderfully eerie waterphone, whilst composer Nicola Lefanu (left) ponders the sonic possibilities…

Sometimes, you just have to go that extra mile – oboist with Okeanos, Jinny, has constructed her own bamboo-chimes for the performance, after a visit to a well-known home-and-garden retail outlet…

It’s all happening along The Road…


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