T H A N K  Y O U : T O K A I D O  R O A D  supporters

A successful journey is rarely taken alone. Tokaido Road could not have become a reality without a huge number of people who have joined the team in many different ways and willingly given time, energy, enthusiasm and intellectual, emotional and financial support. Our partners have all helped shaped the creation of Tokaido Road and it is a pleasure to work with every single one of them.

I’d like to single out a few exceptional people – collaborators, mentors and now firm friends. Nicola LeFanu and Nancy Gaffield have believed in this project from the start and without them there would be no opera. Caroline Clegg has given much-needed words of wisdom and support throughout. Dan Harding’s immediate grasp of the project combined with his literary skills, energy and wicked sense of humour have kept us smiling and ensured the success of the wonderful blog and Twitterfeed. Beth Cuenco saw the potential of the outreach and transformed the scale and reach of the project beyond imagination. Wynn White joined the team at a later stage and provided unparalleled enthusiasm as well as contemporary photographic images for the opera. I’d also like to thank Cheltenham Festival whose faith in a clarinettist clutching a small book of poems well before a single note of the opera was composed, ensured that we had a highly prestigious world premiere at an early stage in the development.

In-kind support is essential to any project. In addition to the time and advice given freely by many, we would like to particularly thank the Guildhall School of Music & Drama for the invaluable use of facilities. We are also extremely grateful to the Halle Orchestra for the loan of the percussion instruments.

Financial support comes from a variety of sources. We are incredibly grateful to and proud to be associated with the following Trusts and Foundations who have awarded grants to Tokaido Road:

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John S Cohen Foundation                           ACE FOUNDATION

Okeanos are immensely grateful to JTI for corporate support towards essential development and rehearsal costs.

T H A N K   Y O U   T O   E V E R Y O N E

And finally, on a personal note, I want to thank my family who put up with 18 months of planning and fundraising and my parents who instilled in me a belief that I could achieve anything. The Tokaido Road project is dedicated to its greatest fan, Anne Romano (1943-2013).

Kate Romano, February 2014