RPS Award for Tokaido Road composer

With just over a week until we premiere at this year’s Cheltenham Festival, we’re delighted that Tokaido Road composer, Nicola LeFanu, has been awarded the Royal Philharmonic Society Elgar Bursary 2014.

Nicola_Lefanu_composes05The RPS Elgar Bursary provides financial support for mature composers, to allow for the creation of a new work which “may push back musical boundaries, but not at the expense of accessibility and integrity: in short, a work of which Edward Elgar himself might have approved.”

Previous winners include Dominic Muldowney and Edwin Roxburgh. The award will support Nicola’s writing of a new orchestral work which will be premiered by the BBC Symphony Orchestra in 2016/17.

rps_logoCongratulations to Nicola! Find out more on the RPS website here: Tokaido Road premieres at the Cheltenham Festival on Sunday 6 July, about which more can be found here.